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2018 Holiday Camp (January 2-5 & 8)

When schools out – learning is still in! Join us for our New Year’s camp week for age 6- 12, filled with fun hands-on activities that will allow kids to continue learning during their time off from school while reinforcing topics learned throughout the school year. They will have fun exploring innovative hands-on science project and an array of reading, writing, mathematics, and science activities to gear up for back-to-school.


Whether you’re looking for holiday camps, academic skills development or after-school enrichment programs, Kids’ College @ HCC has the leading quality program to fit your need. Here at HCC we are about making learning fun with programs including S.T.E.A.M., the arts, computer programming, test prep, career study, and more.

Kids’ College Summer Camp 2018

Registration for Kids’ College Summer Camp 2018 will be open soon. Get your campers ready to embark on a journey of fun and excitement with a wide variety of new and returning topics coming this Summer.

*Take a look at our NEW middle school program focused on specific pursuits like medical career explorations, S.T.E.A.M., entrepreneurship, keyboarding and more!

At Kids’ College we strive for excellence because we know that a positive learning experience can be life-changing. We have the pleasure of working with dedicated, professional, energetic staff members who are enthusiastic about making your child’s out of school time exciting and educational.

Our philosophy is simple. You are entrusting us with your most valuable possession. It is our job to engage and care for your child while providing fun activities that will challenge their mental, physical, and creative selves.

Kids’ College @ HCC; where it’s fun to learn!