“Miss Reyes, we are so glad to have you as our teacher for “Beginning in English” class. We started this class with zero English knowledge, and we were scared in the beginning that we will not succeed.  But you always encourage us, and work with positive attitude. You are very patient with all of us, students, and teach with enthusiasm. You definitely love what you do. You are professional and ethical. It is easy to follow your directions. You are talking in simple language and it is easy to understand you. You take extra time and effort to help us if we need clarification on the subject or help on the test. You help us be our best in our challenging journey. And you always encourage every student to give the best effort. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher!”

Beginning in English Students

“I think [ICCE] @ HCC had a phenomenal instructor who is not only talented, but also has a “real life” background of having worked with the particular software or programming application. Classes are paced for optimal learning. Also having an individual Program Manager gives me a knowledgeable “go to” person if I have any questions about the courses, schedules, or registering.”


“This class has given me a better understanding of computers and how and why they do what they do. Any increase of knowledge will always help.”

Communication Technology, Field Tech

“This program will allow me to move to the network side of the house with the ability to go into a customer’s computer.”

Communication Technology, Technician

“I conducted an interview the next week after the training, and much of the information from Essentials of Interviewing was helpful; legalities, how to phrase interview questions, etc. Day to Day Performance Management also showed me the importance of keeping track of employee performance, good and not so good, as well as holding regular meetings to keep everyone on the same page.”

Customer Service Manager

“Accounting for Non-Financial Managers really gave me a much broader understanding of business as a whole; why reports are due at certain times, how decisions are reached. I can look at a Profit and Loss report now and understand more of what I am looking at. Also, the instructor made this class really enjoyable!”

Customer Service Manager

“Mark was an excellent instructor who made the class easy to understand and learn. Highly impressed…Exceeded expectations.”

MS Excel Student

“We are back from retreat and I want to again thank you for helping us achieve our goal. Everyone truly enjoyed the experience and came away with a sense of accomplishment. Today is our first day back in the office and there is a noticeable improvement in attitude and teamwork. They are using the tools you discussed. Everyone agreed they want to carry the retreat experience into the office and beyond.”

“I wanted to thank you so much for conducting the leadership training for the Financial Aid Management Team. I have seen so much improvement and we just had the best registration period to date. Financial Aid has received numerous compliments from students and staff. I look forward to the training track for all staff on customer service. With your help, I see the financial aid team becoming the best team at HCC!!”

P.S. We already had one manager be promoted to Assistant Dean.”

Director of Financial Aid