Our Mission:

For 25 years, we have empowered the businesses, families, and individuals of Tampa Bay with opportunities to achieve their aspirations and maximize their impact through diverse and targeted educational services.

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Leadership Team

Ryan Buckthorpe, Director
813.259.6010; icce@hccfl.edu

Craig Bobik, Allied Health Officer
813.259.6520; cbobik@hccfl.edu

Ronkel Williams, Business & Community Development Officer
813.259.6549; rwilliams92@hccfl.edu

Josue Hegg, Business & Professional Development Officer
813.253.7074; jhegg@hccfl.edu

Michelle Baker, Financial Services Manager
813.253.7133; abaker42@hccfl.edu

Business Development

Gaby Delismé, Business Intelligence Manager
813.253.7411; gdelisme@hccfl.edu

Program Coordinators

Angela Vickers, Allied Health Coordinator 
813.259.6513; avickers3@hccfl.edu

Nika Lattimore, Allied Health Coordinator 
813.259.6512; llattimorekelly@hccfl.edu

Elizabeth Steacker, Information Technology Coordinator
813.259.6508; esteacker@hccfl.edu

Shauntay Ocasio, Trades, Professional, & Personal Interest
813.259.6528; socasio@hccfl.edu


Operations & Support Team

Paris Williams, Client Services Representative
813.259.6541; pwilliams46@hccfl.edu

Shavon Tinch, Senior Staff Assistant
813.259.6016; stinch2@hccfl.edu

Steve Barry, Operational Specialist
813.259.6551; sbarry2@hccfl.edu

Tereza Nichols, Client Services Representative
813.259.6521; tnichols4@hccfl.edu

Yolanda Archie, Staff Assistant
813.259.6540; yarchie@hccfl.edu

Chelsea Delancy, Marketing and Employment Support Associate
813.259.6024; cdelancy@hccfl.edu