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Interested in Teaching?

HCC’s Institute for Corporate and Continuing Education (ICCE) may be looking for you! We are currently recruiting independent contract trainers to deliver training in a variety of areas. The vast majority of instructors that we use come from the business and industry and bring real world knowledge. With proper qualifications, strong facilitation skills and a dedication to meet or exceed our high standards, you are invited to submit your qualifications for consideration. If you are interested in being considered as an instructor, facilitator or presenter, please submit an instructor profile along with the following credentials:

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Profile
  • Transcripts from Colleges or Universities

Credentials may be submitted via e-Mail, USPS mail, Fax or in person. They should be sent to:
HCC’s Institute for Corporate and Continuing Education (ICCE)
39 Columbia Drive
Tampa, FL 33606
Fax: (813) 253-7156
Toll Free: (866) 253-7077

Although we seek to further develop and expand our instructor resources, we currently have special needs in the following areas:

We accept inquiries for all areas in which we deliver professional development programming. (Please see the Course Catalog for the wide range of disciplines in which we provide services.)