Training for Small Businesses

Small business owners are often faced with special needs that are unique to organizations employing only a few people. From start-up, to sustaining, and growing a small business it’s challenging and hard work. Often performance improvement solutions are developed and produced for larger companies. But where does that leave the small business owner?

Unlike mid-size and Fortune 500 corporations, you don’t have an HR department, training department or major business resources upon which to draw additional insights to help your business perform better. And, unlike the mid- to large-size companies, you probably lack the critical mass to make group training an economically attractive alternative. Likewise, small businesses often need training but lack the resources to make training economically viable. Until now, you didn’t have many choices.

HCC’s Institute for Corporate and Continuing Education (ICCE) has created literally hundreds of viable training options for the small business owner. We call it “pooled” training.

By pooling the training needs of several small businesses together and apportioning the costs on an individual basis to each company based on the number of participants served, we are able to make training affordable for even the smallest businesses — even the sole proprietorship.

Through our many pooled programs, we provide access to highly experienced business professionals, seasoned content experts and talented business consultants that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars to employ on your own.

Please consider the many small business training and process improvement programs that are described on this web site. Then, when you have determined that a program will address your needs, give our office a call at (813) 259-6010.

We invite you to speak with one of our Client Service Representatives who are available to assist you and your organization, no matter the size, to find intelligent business solutions that meet your needs and are right for you!

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