ICCE Pre-Payment Plan

ICCE offers flexible payment plans for course fees of $1,000 or more allowing payments every month or every 14 days.

  • The initial minimum payment required for all courses is $500.00.
  • Full payment must be received before the start date of the class.
  • The remaining balance is divided into payments and is automatically charged to your VISA/MC/AMEX monthly or every 14 days (your choice) from the start to the end of the Payment Plan period.
  • If the transaction fails due to insufficient funds, your payment plan will be suspended. You must contact ICCE immediately to bring your account up to date. The balance must be paid in full before the class meets.
  • Refunds must be requested in writing before the start date of any course per ICCE’s standard refund/cancellation policy.

Setting up your Pre-Payment Plan Subscription

  • Complete and submit the online Payment Plan Request Form.
  • Make an appointment to set up your Payment Plan Subscription via Email @ icce@hccfl.edu.
  • A phone call appointment will be established.

During your phone appointment, an ICCE staff member will:

  1. Register you for the course.
  2. Go over the Payment Plan agreement with you.
  3. Set up your credit card and payment intervals.
  4. Collect the first payment ($500.00 minimum).
  5. Cash is not accepted.

To begin, please complete and submit the form below: