Phlebotomy Clinical Experience Scheduling

Please use the form below to select your two clinical day shifts for phlebotomy experience.  You must complete at least 30 venipuncture sticks (counting the sticks achieved in class) to complete the phlebotomy program.  You will need to schedule 2 clinical days to get your stick count over 30.  Once you select your dates, your shift is pending until you receive approval confirmation.  Do not select your date if you have not been cleared for clinicals by Castle Branch and the Allied Health office.

If you have completed Baycare Online Training, then you can only attend St. Josephs Hospital South (Riverview).  If you have completed the Mindlab Tampa General Hospital (TGH) online training, then you can only go to TGH.  DO NOT CHOOSE A SITE THAT YOU WERE NOT CLEARED TO ATTEND!!   If you have questions, please email