Twelve Important Reasons ICCE Should be Your Educational Provider and Training Resource of Choice.

Our Center has been specially designed to provide:

  1. Immediate and attentive response to your employee educational training needs.
  2. Access to a vast resource of uncompromisingly high quality instructors and consultants, each with excellent communication skills.
  3. A wide range of subject-matter experts to fulfill your requirements.
  4. Illustrations and examples direct from your work setting to help make the learning experience all the more practical. We offer our assurance that proprietary materials always remain confidential.
  5. Continuous improvement practices which are used in follow-up evaluations and the on-going refinement of program offerings.
  6. Extensive program materials, appropriate to each program which have inherent future reference value.
  7. Objectivity in selecting the best program presenter/content expert, materials, and program types to meet your exacting needs.
  8. “One-stop shopping”, ICCE is a resource you can return to for follow-up and on-going professional employee training.
  9. Value-added infrastructure support including: Ordering and/or publishing resource materials; contracting with instructors; maintaining employee life-long learning records; tracking of HCC non-degree credit training; individual direct departmental billing; internal marketing assistance to your staff; and certificates of completion for employees.
  10. Stability – we were founded in 1968 and have been serving clients in Hillsborough County for more than 36 years.
  11. A proven track record of having successfully worked with dozens of companies, regardless of size, type of business, industry, or governmental agency.
  12. Prestige of training associated with a highly respected college.