Peri-Operative Program: 5 Things You NEED to Know

The healthcare field is expanding faster than the speed of light. That means a growing job marketing with increasing incomes. So how can you cash in?

Well, a new pilot program at the Institute for Corporate and Continuing Education at Hillsborough Community College is here to help. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Definition – Perioperative nurses (formerly referred to as O.R. nurses) work in operating rooms in hospitals, day care surgery units and specialized clinics. They perform pre-operative, intra-operative (during the operation) and post-operative care such as stress test evaluations, cardiac monitoring, vascular monitoring and health assessments.
  2. About the Program – The pilot program was designed to connect new nursing graduates seeking employment with hospitals in need of skilled nurses in highly focused subspecialty areas. Certification is attained through the Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN), considered the industry gold standard along with Advance Cardiac Life Support.
  3. Who can Apply – The training is open to new nursing graduates who have successfully completed either a Registered Nurse or Bachelor’s degree program in nursing and have an interest in seeking employment within the Surgical Services Department of the in-patient hospital setting. Surgical Technicians also qualify for consideration in the Peri-Operative training.
  4. How long: The program lasts 14 weeks. Course work is broken down into: 40 hours online through the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses, 112 hours of instructor led combination of lecture with hands on practical skills at a campus location of Hillsborough Community College, 112 hours of instructor led and preceptor guided clinical externship in the operating rooms and Surgical Services Department of Brandon Regional Hospital.
  5. What it can do for you: Upon successful completion, the participants will become employees in the ER at Brandon Regional Hospital. Additional plans are underway for future training in both the Peri-Operative and Emergency Departments and other subspecialty areas of nursing like Labor and Delivery, etc

“It’s extremely exciting and rewarding to launch a cutting edge solution for the healthcare Workforce in Tampa Bay by bridging the gap between new nurse graduates , sub-specialty certification and employers who need to fill highly skills positions. We anticipate this being the trend of the future in Workforce training and we look forward to expanding, “says Jacentha Buggs, MD the Officer for Continuing Education at ICCE

For more information about the Subspecialty Nurse Certification Training Programs at the Institute for Corporate & Continuing Education at Hillsborough Community College go to or call Belinthia Berry, Allied Health Coordinator at (813) 259-6513.

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