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3 Tips to Building an “A” Team

The “A” team is what every manager strives for: a group of highly trained members who work together towards one common goal. While this might sound more like a 1970’s TV show than a reality, it can happen.

Here are three actions you can take to create the ultimate “A” team. Read more ›

3 Reasons to Learn Spanish as a Second Language

Over 44 countries with nearly 329 million native speakers make up the the population of who uses the Spanish language that dates as far back as the 13th century. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 48 million people speak Spanish in their home or approximately 12% of the population. This number is expected to increase with the Hispanic population in the U.S. to increase up to 132 million or roughly 30% of the U.S. population.

So what does all this mean?

Speaking Spanish is no longer an option and here’s why: Read more ›

America’s Logistical Center: Why You Could Be Cashing In

Peninsular Florida sits at the climax of trade; highways starting in California, Maine and Canada end here, several major ports funnel goods to and from Latin America and the Caribbean and four major rail lines serving industrial hubs in the Midwest and Northeast terminate in the state. Together these factors have given Florida the designation of America’s Logistical Center.

So what does that mean for the average resident? Read more ›

CPR: One Class Can Save a Life

Life insurance. Car insurance. Health insurance. As kids, we are taught “stop, drop and roll”, “stranger danger” and even what to do during an earthquake. We are a “preper” society.

So why is it that over 70 percent** of Americans are powerless to act during a cardiac emergency? We can just call an ambulance right? According to the American Heart Association, over 88 percent of cardiac arrests occur at home but only 8 percent of those actually survive. 8 percent! That means out of 100 people only 8 will survive if the attack occurred outside of a hospital. But you can make a difference. Read more ›

3 Workouts to a Healthier You

Carb curbing drinks, calorie burning shoes, 10 lbs in 3 days crash diets; we’re a nation that looks for the easy way out when it comes to getting healthier. The weight loss game is a billion dollar industry that preys on those who cannot commit.

But that’s not you.

You can get healthier without shaking an oddly risqué weight machine for an hour a day or eating foods that claim to burn calories but do nothing more than compromise your metabolism. Incorporating fitness into a normal diet will help you to become healthier not only physically, but mentally. Read more ›

Energy Efficiency and “Going Green”

If you haven’t heard, green is in.

From shopping bags to shopping malls, everything these days seems to claim an eco-friendly merit badge. And this isn’t just a passing trend. Climate change, population booms and the industrialization of developing nations are impacting our world on a scale like never before, with the effects becoming more and more visible. Read more ›

3 Certifications to A More Qualified HR Professional

In a world where a bachelor’s degree is the status quo, professional certification has become the qualifier. In no career is this more true than the field of Human Resources, where a bachelor’s degree is considered entry-level.

But don’t let this discourage you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an HR job outlook of 21% with an average annual pay of $52K per year. Companies are constantly changing, growing and hiring, meaning HR execs will forever be in demand. To adapt to these constant changes, the field has developed a series of certifications to better prepare professionals for what they will deal with in the field.

Read more ›