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HCC Kids’ College Scholarship Submission Form

Application Instructions

PART 1 – PERSONAL INFORMATION (Click here for online submission)

Please provide all current personal information and list the names of each person living in your household, including relationship and date of birth.

PART 2 – EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION (Click here for online submission)

Please indicate if you are currently employed or not, and provide your current employment information.

Employment History

PART 3 – INCOME INFORMATION (Click here for online submission)

Under “Monthly Gross” report all income in your household from the previous month. If you or persons in household had no income, please indicate “None”.  In the space provided, please report and list separately all additional income received from the following:

  1. Welfare, Child Support, and Alimony
  2. Pensions, Retirement, and Social Security
  3. All Other Income (Unemployment, Supplemental Security Income, VA Benefits, Disability Benefits, and any other income).

Be sure to include any and all documentation to show your income (i.e. W-2’s or Form 1040).

One application per family, one enrollment form per child; supporting documents required.

By signing this scholarship application, I certify that the information on this form is true and complete. I understand that any person who knowingly and with intent files an application containing any false, incomplete or misleading information may have benefits revoked and be held responsible for the fees covered by the scholarship.