Energy Efficiency and “Going Green”

If you haven’t heard, green is in.

From shopping bags to shopping malls, everything these days seems to claim an eco-friendly merit badge. And this isn’t just a passing trend. Climate change, population booms and the industrialization of developing nations are impacting our world on a scale like never before, with the effects becoming more and more visible.

Governments are seeing these changes and are developing programs to slow negative consequences. Programs like REDD and LEED are gaining popularity by both the public and private sectors as a sustainable, money making way to be “eco-friendly.”
The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System has certified over 7,522 projects in the U.S. with another 32,210 already registered. Nearly 155,000 professionals have been accredited as LEED certified and this number is growing. According to a report by Booz Allen Hamilton, by 2013 green building construction will add $554 billion in GDP and support over 7.9 million jobs. And this just isn’t restricted to the United States.

Projects around the world are using LEED certification in everything from campus dorm rooms to commercial office buildings.
These jobs are not restricted to construction contractors. Architects, developers, lawyers, real estate professionals and even property manager are being impacted. Likewise, certification is not just for those doing the building. Becoming certified in LEED will expand your job opportunities and cater to a growing number of businesses looking for those with a “green” background.

Becoming an LEED certified professional means passing the Green Associate Exam. Like any exam, preparing yourself is crucial to earning a passing score. At the Institute for Corporate & Continuing Education at HCC (ICCE), you can take courses that cover all aspects of the test to ensure you are ready, including water management, project site factors, public outreach and stakeholder involvement.
In today’s job market, it is crucial for professionals to stay on the cutting edge in order to become more marketable and in turn bolster higher earnings. Becoming a LEED certified professional will make you a better candidate for the business of tomorrow, today.

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