Avoid These Five Unproductive Work Behaviors

Burping out loud in public. Illegally parking in the handicap spot. Cutting line at the post office. There are certain things you just don’t do in life. Besides being inappropriate, they can make your life much more difficult and create misunderstandings that lead to well… bad things.

So why do we allow poor behaviors to persist at work? In today’s busy busy, do-it-all style organizations, having effective leadership and management skills is vital to creating an environment that fosters growth, effectiveness and personal productivity . Taking a few leadership courses and periodically completing some project management training can only help you to hone these skills!

Avoiding the following bad work behaviors will lead you to the professional Promised Land:

  1. Email Addiction. For many of us, email has become an adopted child that just doesn’t grow up. It’s constantly demanding our attention, sleeps in our bed and will ruin your life if neglected for too long. But constantly checking your email at work only leads to distraction and reduced work performance. Instead, take your time, focus on the task at hand and check your emails periodically throughout the day. You’ll get so much more done.
  2. “Too Busy to Help” Attitude. We’re all busy. Meetings, emails, calls, lunch somewhere in between. It’s easy to get so caught up in immediate tasks that you forget the most valuable part of the company, your employees. A manager that is too busy to be bothered does nothing but foster frustration and create gaps in work productivity. An open door policy – both figuratively and literally – is the best way to show others you are here to help and will always have time for them.
  3. Working against the Deadline. Project management and business performance go hand-in-hand. Working against deadlines is one of the worst ways to live. It creates unnecessary stress that festers, killing productivity, creativity and ultimately job satisfaction. Working WITH deadlines means first identifying project goals and understanding team requirements. Taking a project management training course or a business performance training course can help you to more effectively navigate project demands.
  4. Ineffective Communications. This goes for anyone in your organization as well as the business as a whole. An employee that seeks attention at the expense of their team doesn’t create the “all in” type mentality that is so important in a tight knit work environment. Communicating with impact is important from a managerial perspective because it reduces wasted time and miscommunications. That means knowing how different employees work best and what they need to fulfill your request. Maintaining strong relationships is important for the manager, the employees and the organization as a whole.
  5. Stalemating employees. Neglecting your employees and failing to recognize accomplishments can lead to a stalemate. As the old adage goes, employees can quit their manager but not their company. Getting more out of your employees means investing in leadership training , business performance training and project management training. Cultivating your existing resource pool also leads to increased revenue for your business in the long term through increased performance and productivity. Keeping your best employees by providing regular access to business training classes will help to deter any stalemating.

Bad behaviors never lead to good things. Email addiction, a “too busy to help” mentality, working against deadlines, ineffective communications and stalemating employees through neglect are bad work behaviors that can have a major effect on your bottom line. Investing in management training courses can help to resolve all these and lead to a healthy, productive work environment, an efficient workforce and bottom-line profitability.

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