Hillsborough Community College is excited to offer Au Pair Weekend programs in Tampa, Florida. This unique and fascinating program helps you, as an au pair gain the most from your American experience.

This program satisfies the U.S. Department of State au pair educational requirement. It is very affordable and can be customized to fit your needs. Earn 36 to 72 hours by attending Au Pair Weekend courses and completing pre- and post-assignments as necessary. We encourage you to contact your au pair agency concerning hours and credits, as requirements may vary.   

Course Descriptions


Make a Difference

Through a fun and interesting combination of classroom discussions, community activities, and student assignments, you will learn important skills for dealing with the cultural and personal challenges that international visitors often face in the U.S. You will have unique opportunities to reflectively look at U.S. cultural perspectives to see how they influence your relationships and communication with others. Certain classes will discuss how to engage and participate in a variety of community experiences. You will also examine the rich cultural diversity of U.S. communities, with a specific focus on the Tampa area.

Discover the U.S.

In addition to gaining a greater understanding of the United States and the Tampa area, you will also have the opportunity to share your home country’s culture with other students and compare it to key aspects of American life. You will gain in-depth knowledge of U.S. geography while also learning about exciting events in U.S. history and how they have influenced the current U.S. political culture and process. Through various excursions and activities, you will be able to explore and further understand the important historical and cultural identity of Tampa that you’ve learned about in class.

Explore Our Environment

Get ready to explore the geographically diverse science wonders of the Tampa Bay area through a fun and interesting combination of classroom discussions, field trips, and lab work. Learn about wilderness geocaching, environmental science, disasters and preparedness, saltwater desalinization, healthy habitats, manatees, water chemistry, and more through excursions in the Tampa Bay area. You’ll also have a chance to study environmental problems that affect your home country and present your findings to your fellow classmates.

Explore Our Aquatic Environment

This course is great for ocean lovers! Explore the geographically diverse science wonders of the Tampa Bay area through a fun and interesting combination of classroom discussions, excursions, and lab work. You will also gain an understanding of marine conservation topics and applications related to dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, and sharks! Learn about identifying the biodiversity of the Gulf of Mexico’s shark populations by collecting and analyzing shark teeth and other marine fossils. Then, you will learn about the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of distressed or injured sea life.


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