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Experience America

Hillsborough ​Community ​College ​is ​excited ​to ​present ​the ​Au ​Pair ​Weekend ​program, ​”Experience America,” ​offered ​in ​Tampa, Florida. ​This ​unique ​and ​fascinating ​program ​helps ​you, ​as ​an ​au ​pair ​working ​in ​the ​United ​States, ​to ​gain ​the ​most ​from ​your ​American ​experience.

This ​program ​can ​satisfy ​the ​U.S. ​Department ​of ​State ​au ​pair ​educational ​requirement. ​It ​is ​very ​affordable ​and ​can ​be ​customized ​to ​fit ​your ​needs. ​Earn ​from ​40 ​to ​80 ​hours ​by ​attending ​Au ​Pair ​Weekend ​courses ​and ​completing ​pre- ​and ​post-assignments as necessary. ​(Contact ​your ​au ​pair ​agency ​to ​determine ​their ​specific ​requirements ​regarding ​hours ​and ​credits.)

Course Dates: Our courses are generally offered four times each year, over President’s weekend in February, Memorial weekend in May, Columbus weekend in October, and the second weekend in December (which is not a holiday weekend like the other three).

Class times are always the same for these weekends in Tampa. Attendance is mandatory during the times listed above.


Housing is not provided or arranged for students who attend a weekend course. Suggestions for places to stay will be provided upon request.

Course Descriptions

Make a Difference

Students will identify personal learning goals for their international experience and complete projects and activities that help them to realize these goals. They will interact directly in American life by participating in community-based learning experiences in the city where the class is held and within their own local communities where they live. In addition, students will examine their conflict resolution styles and learn strategies for more effectively resolving conflicts they will encounter while living abroad. They will better understand culture shock and how it can affect them both in the US and when returning home. Finally, students will learn about and experience the rich cultural diversity inherent in US communities, with a specific focus on the city where the course is held.

Discover Tampa

Students’ primary learning objective includes gaining a greater understanding of the United States and your city. Students will have the opportunity to share their home country’s culture with one another and their American student peers, and to compare it to key aspects of American life. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of US customs, rituals, celebrations, and important holidays while also learning about exciting events in US history and current political issues in the US. Students will also have the opportunity to learn a great deal about the city in which the course is held and explore many of the important historical, political, and cultural sites that they learn about in class.

Explore Our Environment

Get ​ready ​to ​explore ​the ​geographically ​diverse ​science ​wonders ​of ​the ​Tampa ​Bay ​area. ​Through ​a ​fun ​and ​interesting ​combination ​of ​classroom ​discussions, ​field ​trips, ​lab ​work, ​and ​tours, ​you ​will ​learn ​important ​aspects ​of ​environmental ​science ​in ​the ​Tampa ​Bay ​area. 


For complete program details, including exact dates, pricing, and to register, please see www.aupairclasses.org.

Please email us with any questions at aupairweekend@hccfl.edu, or call the APW program coordinator, Tina Rychalsky, at 617-777-5085 (email strongly preferred).

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