America’s Logistical Center: Why You Could Be Cashing In

Peninsular Florida sits at the climax of trade; highways starting in California, Maine and Canada end here, several major ports funnel goods to and from Latin America and the Caribbean and four major rail lines serving industrial hubs in the Midwest and Northeast terminate in the state. Together these factors have given Florida the designation of America’s Logistical Center.

So what does that mean for the average resident?

Jobs, jobs, and more jobs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked transportation and logistics management as the second largest employment sector in the U.S. Over 11,000 trained workers are currently needed in Florida and the growth is slated to continue. Studies show a greater increase in job outlook thanks to the rising popularity of internet shopping coupled with the globalization of industries. In major international crises like the Haiti earthquake or Japan tsunami, logistics management is crucial to response and recovery by government agencies and aide organizations. Thanks to a high amount of revenue combined with an ever cheaper transportation model, wages can range from above average to a six figure salary.

Some points to consider when moving to a career in logistics:

  1. More Money. Currently, the average Logistics Manager makes over $60K a year with senior positions making around $100K. While most jobs are employed by major firms and private companies, the opportunity exists for start-ups. Thanks to the industry’s early adoption of technology, services are constantly becoming more streamlined and operations based, meaning you can run an entire shipping company from the comfort of your own home. While jobs are relatively more plentiful than other markets, most qualified candidates in the higher paying positions had technical training in addition to work experience.
  2. Education. The CTL (Certification in Transportation and Logistics) and the PLS (Professional Designation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management) are two certifications companies look for when hiring for these higher paying positions. This shows employers that you are committed to excellence in your current position and will help you stay on top of an increasingly globalized market place. A recent CTL graduate had this to say:
    “Upon earning my CTL credential, I informed my direct supervisor, and the following day the CEO of our company congratulated me on my accomplishment. The following week a vice president from another department offered his congratulations and asked for further details because he is interested in sending some of his staff through the CTL program. Even though logistics software has been my focus for almost 16 years, I felt my business knowledge was lacking, especially in the International supply chain arena. The CTL helped me solidify my current understanding and fill in many gaps.”

The Global Logistics Training Resource Network at HCC partners with other Florida community colleges and universities to provide students with access to the best professors, career placement services and global business partners. HCC offers 5 areas of study including CTL and PLS certification available to individuals looking to get ahead or companies wanting a better prepared staff. For more information go to today.

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