CareerSource Student Registration Steps:

  1. The CareerSource candidate visits and decides:
    • Course/Program Type
    • Start Date of Chosen Program
  2. The CareerSource candidate submits an acceptance letter request to
  3. An HCC ICCE representative will email the student and counselor (if counselor information is provided) the acceptance letter.
  4. CareerSource Tampa Bay will produce a voucher and issue it to the prospective student.
  5. The prospective student will sign the voucher and submit a copy to
  6. An HCC ICCE representative will email the prospective student a promotional code in response to the voucher submission. This email will contain:
    • A link to the course listed in the acceptance letter
    • A promotional code that will make the registration cost $0
  7. The prospective student registers for the course via the information provided in Step 6 as soon as possible. FAQ’S:
  • I submitted my acceptance letter request. How long does it take to process? o Please allow 2 to 3 business days to receive a response via email.
  • How do I register for my course?
    o You will receive a promotional code, course registration link and instructions via from our office that you will use to register yourself.
  • I just registered for my course. What do I need to bring to class and where do I go? o Please go to, click Student Login in the top right and login to your Canvas account. You will find this information on the course home page.

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