3 Workouts to a Healthier You

Carb curbing drinks, calorie burning shoes, 10 lbs in 3 days crash diets; we’re a nation that looks for the easy way out when it comes to getting healthier. The weight loss game is a billion dollar industry that preys on those who cannot commit.

But that’s not you.

You can get healthier without shaking an oddly risqué weight machine for an hour a day or eating foods that claim to burn calories but do nothing more than compromise your metabolism. Incorporating fitness into a normal diet will help you to become healthier not only physically, but mentally.

Here are 3 easy workouts that can help you preserve your body for years to come:

  1. Yoga. The centuries old form of fitness teaches the body new patterns of breathing, stretching, energy flow and inner calm. Basic yoga engages the spine and nervous system to eliminate toxins stored in the body, relieve stress in the body and encourage the continued building of muscle tissue and bone marrow. Higher levels of fitness yoga also concentrate on the core muscle groups of the abdomen and back, building a more toned, fit body. Learning just a few moves that can be repeated a few times a week will make a big difference in your life.
  2. Dance. Belly dancing, ballroom dancing… even Zumba; the ancient art form is not only a fun way to get in shape, but it can make or break your next romantic date! As little as 30 minutes of moderate ballroom dancing will burn calories while benefiting the cardiovascular system, improve coordination and flexibility and increase muscle tone. The most appealing part of dance is that it can be learned at any age at a pace as aggressive or relaxed as you want.
  3. Athletic Training. To really get that athlete’s body, try core strengthening. These intense workouts work the abdomen and lower back in unison, building a more defined and stable body. This type of fitness incorporates these two important areas in nearly every movement. Circuit training on the other hand focuses on specific parts of the body to encourage weight loss. These short but routine workouts easily done on your lunch break will have you feeling more alert and awake with a healthier body.

Crash diets and overly processed “health foods” are not for you. You’ve got the tips now make the change! As little as a few hours a week of fitness squeezed in during lunch or before work will have you feeling better and looking leaner.

Classes covering healthy and fitness are available at www.tampatraining.com for as little as $10. You can’t even buy a bottle of knock-off fat burners for that!

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