3 Tips to Building an “A” Team

The “A” team is what every manager strives for: a group of highly trained members who work together towards one common goal. While this might sound more like a 1970’s TV show than a reality, it can happen.

Here are three actions you can take to create the ultimate “A” team.

  1. Train. Having a diverse knowledge base to tap into will allow your team to maximize potential while making informed, appropriate decisions. Taking courses that enrich your current industry understanding and complement your profession will lead to a higher ROI on your workforce as well as strengthen employees’ pride and job satisfaction. For example, if you lead a team of marketing professionals in the paint industry, it would benefit your group to periodically attend seminars on what is new to the scene, what could be an upcoming issue, what other paint marketers are doing and what technical skills you should develop to meet the needs of your clientele. Making your team a source for others through education is a sure fire way to build the ultimate “A” team.
  2. Connect. One of the greatest challenges facing any professional team is the ability to work together efficiently. Members of an “A” team compliment the strengths and weaknesses of each other to form a more perfect whole. Like any relationship, it takes work and dedication to connect and move forward. Exercises made to build and strengthen interpersonal bonds between co-workers can lead to an increased quality of work life and overall better efficiency. Team building doesn’t have to be a week-long retreat, it can range from a group lunch to a group training session.
  3. Support. An unhappy team is no team at all and their work will reflect it. Creating job satisfaction in a group can be as simple as asking your employees what they value in a job. Are they happy? While you can’t control all factors in a person’s life, you can influence how they feel at work. Taking time to have fun – whether that be taking a few minutes to chit chat or having a weekly doughnut day – can be an easy fix. Bigger problems such as a lack of organizational structure or unmanageable workload are issues that require more commitment and long-term thinking to address. From an educational perspective, courses in people management and HR can help a leader to better deal with interpersonal problems and ultimately build that “A” team.

An “A” team is a well-machined vehicle that works together to be the best professionals they can be. Through skills training, team building and professional and personal support you can create a department that meets and exceeds challenges. In an economy that is as education and skills based as ever, it is vital to work with your team – no matter what letter they may be – and create a group that works united.

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