Vegetarianism - A Healthy Lifestyle & Cooking Demo

Course No: HES 9205
Price: $20.00
Length: 2 Hours

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  10/24/15 SouthShore Campus - 551 24th Street Northeast , Ruskin
Room 2nd Floor- Room 201   
Sat  [1:00 PM - 3:00 PM]

General Description:

This class will intellectually challenge every student to use critical thinking in how they perceive food.  It will discuss the ethics of food production and the consequences of our food choices, the impact on our health and the environment. The presentation will conclude with a healthy cooking demonstration and food sampling.

Learning Objectives:

Class Outline:

Food preferences – how they are developed.

What is Vegetarianism?

Impact of food on our health

Effects on the environment

The Ethics of food production

Famous Vegetarians

Food pyramids/My Plate/Power Plate

Local restaurants

Cooking demo

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