ABC's of Accounting (for non-accountants)

Course No: ECD 8001
Price: $199.00
Length: 7 Hours

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General Description:

Finally, an accounting principles course and accompanying book for the non-accountant! The ABCs of Accounting provides a concise course for individuals with a need to understand basic accounting principles, but who may not be on an accounting career path.

Whether you are a department manager or a small business owner, understanding how accounting works is an essential skill. Managing and tracking your budget requires and understanding of the basic accounting equation, working with T accounts, debits and credits, the accounting cycle and journal transactions. You will learn about working with the general ledger, generating financial statements, and working with adjusting and closing entries.  This course is a useful foundation for anyone who will be working with QuickBooks and the perfect solution for anyone needing a basic understanding of accounting principles

Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn the basics of accounting, including:

  • understanding different business entities
  • how to work with journals and ledgers
  • how business transactions affect the accounting equation
  • explaining, applying, and testing debits and credits
  • using T accounts
  • understanding and generating financial statements


Who Should Attend:

Managers who need to understand the basics of accounting

Small business owners who need to control their business financials

Anyone who wants to learn the basics of accounting


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