GPHR Certification Exam Prep Course

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Price: $1,495.00
Length: 36 Hours

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General Description:

The SHRM GPHR Certification Preparation is a comprehensive program which highlights content that may appear on the GPHR certification exam.  This intensive group-learning environment is led by a qualified instructor and employs the HR Certification Institute's Global HR body of knowledge including legislation from six countries included in the SHRM Global Learning System.

Program Benefits:

Global content that corresponds to the GPHR body of knowledge including legislation from six countries/regions that were identified in the practice analysis, including Canada, China, European Union (EU), India, United Kingdom and United States.

  • A blended system that includes print- and web-based study tools
  • More than 750 sample exam questions.
  • Interactive case studies.
  • Access to the Online Resource Center that includes HR updates, links to information referenced in the modules, printable flash cards, and feedback and evaluation features
  • A post-test that mimics the testing format of the certification exam.


Learning Objectives:

By attending our course, you will develop new knowledge and skills that will improve your workplace effectiveness immediately. You will

  • Prepare for HR Certification Institute‚Äôs GPHR certification exam with the most up-to-date materials.
  • Sharpen your test-taking skills and increase your confidence through pre and post-tests.
  • Strengthen your competencies and productivity through effective global HR training.
  • Identify key methods and practical guidelines for many global HR tasks.

Who Should Attend:

The ideal GPHR candidate has a combination of exempt-level global HR experience and education.


  • Has cross-border HR responsibilities (more than one country)
  • Understands the strategies of globalization versus localization of HR policies and programs.
  • Establishes HR policies and initiatives that suport the organization's global growth and employer reputation.
  • Designs organizational programs, processes and tools to achieve worldwide business needs.
  • Develops, implements, and evaluates programs, processes and tools to ensure that they align with competitive practice, the organization's objectives and legal requirements.
  • Oversees practices that ensure favorable employment conditions balancing employer needs with employee rights and needs.
  •  Has core knowledge of the organization's international HR activities.


  • 2 years + Master's degree or higher
  • 3 years + Bachelor's degree
  • 4 years + less than Bachelor's degree

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