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Massage Therapy CEU - Infection Control & Safety - take this course online anytime!

Course No: HES 8950
Price: $38.00
Length: 1.0

Please call us for Class Schedules - (813) 259-6010

General Description:
This area covers the disease process and how it affects massage treatment, professional hygiene, sanitation of linens and equipment, hand washing procedures, glove usage and how to maintain your treatment room to the best hygienic standards. Therapist will encounter clients who have disease or medical conditions. Therapist must have awareness of infection control and its transmission as well as fundamental overview of pathology.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the LMT should be able to:

1. Define disease awareness

2. Define pathology

3. Define health and homeostasis

4. Define Negative Feedback System

5. Define Positive Feedback System

6. Discuss body in disease

7. Define types of diseases

8. Define types of disorders

9. Define agents of disease:  Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa, Viruses

10. Define “Host-Pathogen Relationship”

11. Define infection control

12. Define universal precautions

13. Define hand washing

14. Define guidelines of sanitation and sanitary procedures

15. Define safety guidelines for the massage

16. Discuss glove use

17. Define health & hygiene for massage therapists

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